KMS認證步驟 – Office 2010


注意事項 Caution:


KMS activation is available within NTHU network, otherwise, you can use the VPN service.  



認證方式 Start by the execution file:

1.         下載 Office2010_KMS.bat 檔案,將檔案存於您的桌面上,按右鍵選擇【以系統管理員身分執行】

Please download the file Office2010_KMS.bat and save it to your desktop, right click the program and choose "Run as administrator".




2.         執行驗證程式之後,稍待約30秒,當螢幕上出現"Product activation successful"字樣時即表示驗證成功。

If the sentence "Product activation successful" is shown on the underlined place in the picture, it means that the authentication is completed.