KMS認證步驟 - Windows


注意事項 Caution:



KMS activation is available within NTHU network, otherwise, you can use the VPN service.  



The Campus Licensed Software is "upgrade version," which means you must buy a computer originally with an operation system

(ex Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7... etc.) on it, then you can install our software. Otherwise, the certification will be failed.


若您目前安裝的作業系統並非隨機版的Microsoft作業系統時,請您聯絡您的硬體廠商或經銷商,為您更新BIOS以合於當初的隨機版作業系統,在往後安裝Windows 中,才能夠正確驗證。

If the operating system (OS) installed on your computer is not the Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) and the certification still does not work,

please contact to the dealer from whom you buy the computer to update your BIOS for the original-installed operating system on your computer.


認證方式 Start by the execution file:

1.     下載 Windows_KMS.bat 檔案,儲存該檔案在您的桌面上,按右鍵選擇【以系統管理員身分執行】



Download the file Windows_KMS.bat and save to your desktop, right click it and choose "Run as Administrator".




2.     稍待約30秒,出現以下畫面請按【確定】

System will show the prompt as following, please click "Yes" to continue the process.






3.     稍待約30秒,啟用成功的畫面如圖(以 Windows 7 為例,Windows 10 / 8 / Vista 適用)

Around 30 seconds later, the result of Successful Windows Activation is as follows.