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MATLAB Courses in Winter Vacation for 2020


The courses are cancelled due to Novel coronavirus(2019-nCoV)



※Please note: This workshop will be conducted in Mandarin※ Join us for MATLAB Series Courses in Winter Vacation for 2020, please refer to following section for more workshop details.

《Venue》CCC – Computer Laboratory Any inquiries, please mail to the following address: inquiry@cc.nthu.edu.tw or call Miss Chiang at campus ext.31231

Focus on software fundamental skills, perfect for beginner and any faculty.

Time : 09:30~12:00; 13:00~16:30

MATLAB Fundamental

Date: 02/10

This course is for the beginners of MATLAB. Let the learner be familiar with MATLAB user interface and basic commands through the lecturer’s instruction together with the operation practice. After experiencing this course the learner will know how to call functions,plot and program with MATLAB.

  • Working with the MATLAB User Interface
  • MATLAB plot tool
  • Variables and Expressions
  • Automating Commands with Scripts

MATLAB Advance

Date: 02/13

This course is for people who are already familiar with MATLAB basic operation.The content of this course is the detail and complete introduction for MATLAB function M file.After experiencing this course the learner will know how to write functions and then create robust applications, troubleshoot and improve performance.

  • Writing Functions
  • Structuring Code
  • Creating Robust Applications
  • Troubleshooting Code and Improving Performance

Simulink Basic

Date: 02/14

This course provide skills for building Simulink model(such as math/logical operation, subsystem and input/output signal,library..etc),setting simulation environment and Physical model with Continuous/Discrete time. Further more, it will let you know how to interact with MATLAB like data communication and parameter control. And you will know how to use debugging function to find the bug of your design algorithm.

  • Introduction
  • Building the Model
  • Creating A Simple Model
  • Masking Subsystem
  • Working with Subsystems
  • Working with MATLAB
  • Modeling Discrete Systems
  • Modeling Continuous and Hybrid Systems



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